Epic Aims - Church Street Mural | Spectrum

We recently launched our vibrant piece of community art which aims to promote autism awareness. Five siblings of people with autism designed the unique mural in a series of workshops, alongside Marc Craig of the London based street art collective, Phsychodoodlz . Marc then spent a week carefully painting it onto the walls of the tunnel leading from the car park in Church Street, Falmouth, before the children helped with the finishing touches.

Below you will be able to hover over the images to learn more about each element of the mural.

Each child had five elements to put into the mural. These were:

  • Designing their own fish as part of the Falmouth theme.
  • Choose one quote that meant something to them.
  • Something that reminded them of Falmouth.
  • An achievement their brother or sister with autism had made.
  • A personal goal the children would like to achieve.

Throughout the mural, you will also see images depicting all the senses often associated with autism.


Experience the mural in this wonderful 360℃ view.

(Click and drag the image below with your finger or mouse.)

A day by day progression of the mural creation

We have all had such a great time creating this mural which celebrates Falmouth as a community and promotes awareness of autism in a positive way.

The project was the brainchild of Rachel Brown, Spectrum’s assistant head of development. She said: “We were inspired by the young people and their positive regard and admiration for their brothers and sisters with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Marc Craig did an amazing job of translating their vision into a piece of community art which will inform a generation.”

Marc, who painted the previous two murals on the same walls in 2005 and 2001, said: “It was a wonderful experience working with everyone on this project. I always say that in any creative endeavour the end result is rightly celebrated by everyone who made it possible.

“With the funding from Falmouth Decorative and Fine Art Society, the vision of Spectrum, and the enthusiasm of the children, this truly was a Falmouth community project to be proud of and one I was honoured to be part of.”

Falmouth Town Manager Richard Gates said: “It is fantastic to see ideas such as this come to fruition. It is such great example of everyone working together to make a bright and vibrant positive impact to the tunnel in Church Street in time for August and into the future.”

The project was funded by Falmouth Decorative and Fine Art Society. Deborah Moore, from the Falmouth DFAS, said: “We are delighted to have sponsored this project under our Young Arts scheme, in partnership with Spectrum. Marc Craig has done an amazing job in bringing together the aims and aspirations of the sibling group, which reflect the challenges facing young people living with autism.”