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Spectrum on JustGiving

JustGiving is the world’s social platform for giving – They have helped people in 164 countries raising over $3.3 billion for good causes since they were founded in 2001.

The best way to fundraise for Spectrum is to set up your own JustGiving fundraising page. Here are some tips to help you set up the page and get the most out of your fundraising.

You can visit our JustGiving page here

Set up your own fundraising page here to fundraise for Spectrum via JustGiving


Why should I set up a JustGiving page?

  • It’s easy for people to donate whenever and wherever they want, meaning you’re likely to get more donations.
  • Your page can be easily shared on social media and by email meaning more people see it.
  • The money you donate will be sent directly to us from JustGiving, so you don’t have to worry about collecting or sending it in. (remember to send in any off-line donations though).
  • It’s 100% secure and spam-free.
  • It’s also very simple to set up, only taking a few minutes.
Set up your fundraising page now!

Some tips on getting the most of your JustGiving page

Make it personal

This is your page, so show your personality, make it fun and vibrant! Choose a fun page title, explain what your challenge involves and what Autism and Spectrum mean to you. Make sure you include regular updates on how you’re getting on with preparations for the event and all goings on for the event. It will keep people interested and they’ll be more inclined to sponsor you. People who put a photo on their page raise 53% more than those who don’t so make sure you get a photo either of you or the event, be creative!

Set a target

People who set a target on their page raise on average 40% more than those who don’t! Having a target encourages people to donate as they will want to help you get to your goal.

Share, share and share

Share your JustGiving page with as many people as possible and ask those people to share. Post it to your social media channels, put on leaflets and anything else that might get it out there. The more people that see your page the more likely you will be to hit your goal. Remember to thank everyone personally if you can. Supporters will appreciate the personal touch and will be more likely to support you in the future.

The end of the event is just as important as the start

Don’t stop once your event or activity is over. Let people know how it went, post some photos, videos and updates to let people continue to show their support.


Set up your fundraising page now!