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The SEA Project

When complete, the SEA Project will be the first of its kind in Britain and will become a world-leading centre of excellence.

The SEA Project centre will be a local, national and international resource, with a drop-in facility for individuals with autistic spectrum disorders and their families to enable them to access good quality information, advice and support.

The SEA Project will include:

An Art and Diagnostic Centre which will offer:

  • diagnostic services and advice
  • training, support and advice to parents, advocates and significant others to enable them to fully engage with their child
  • art, music and drama in specialised and stimulating environments

An Education Centre, which will provide bespoke education to children with autism on a residential, day placement or respite basis. This will also include club activities, short breaks and holidays.

Residential and Respite Accommodation which will be ethically sustainable and will environmentally meet the specific needs of the individual. Art, music and drama will be at the heart of its design. It will provide much-needed holiday accommodation for individuals and their families who wish to have specialist support for their children or adult family members.

To date, we have received generous support and contributions from well known artists and philanthropic entrepreneurs in the art world. An art auction held in the Saatchi Gallery in London in 2012 launched the appeal. Grants and match-funding are being applied for and considerable interest is being shown in our proposals.

The project will need to raise £8 million. It will bring many jobs to the area and will raise awareness and understanding of autism to a new level.