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Autism for Parents

Whilst there is a wealth of information to people available on the internet about autism, this can also lead to misleading, confusing and sometimes conflicting advice.

Everyone’s experience of autism is unique. We appreciate you will want to learn as much as possible about autism, so please get in touch with with one of our advisors at the Pearl Centre who can help with appropriate support and advice.

Referral and Assessment

If you think Spectrum can provide the right environment and support for you or a person with an autistic spectrum disorder or similar condition, then please get in touch.

There are several ways you can access our services – either by contacting us directly, through your local health authority, your doctor or social worker, or if you are the holder of a personalised budget.  We are happy to offer support throughout the process.

Because everyone with autism is different, their needs can vary considerably. At Spectrum we work hard to create the right environment for service users. To make sure that we understand exactly what is required, we carry out a full assessment.   Based on this information, we work out exactly what the person requires in terms of initial staffing and specialised support.

Young People and Adults, Support and Intervention.

We use the principles of Person Centred Planning (PCP) to create and collaboratively evolve individual care plans. With regard to those aged 16 and over, we ensure that the principles of the Mental Capacity Act are adhered to and from 18 years of age we consider whether there are any issues that need to be addressed in respect of Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS).

We promote the principles of Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) as a service-wide intervention model. This, combined with a restraint reduction program, has led us to create a unique service blueprint.

Free Open Sessions

We believe in providing parents of families with advice and support on autism and how to manage associated behaviours.

Please contact the Pearl Centre to find out about the monthly open discussion sessions we run for parents, families and carers on how best to support their children.

For Siblings

Siblings of children with autism can be affected by the demands of their brother or sister and by how much their parents’ attention is focused on him or her. The children without autism may feel unable to bring friends home and family outings may be restricted and stressful.  Some may become carers in an effort to help their parents.  Siblings desperately need time away to enjoy activities and social experiences. They especially enjoy time with their parents when they can be the centre of attention for a change.

Sibling sessions are run by the Pearl Centre throughout the year. These help the children without autism to understand more about their sister or brother’s condition, to share experiences with others in a similar situation, and to have some time being the ones receiving attention.

Local Support

As well as Sibling Sessions the Pearl Centre can provide information on support groups and autism-related events. The centre also holds parent open group sessions, and drop-in sessions.


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