Children who challenge
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Children who challenge

Children Who Challenge

Many children with autism – with or without associated learning disabilities – can display behaviours which are described as being ‘challenging’.

Challenging behaviours can include physical aggression, self harm, ritualised or obsessive behaviours.  These can be a sign of frustration or pain, a means of trying to control the environment or in reaction to a change of routine.  There are a number of reasons why your child might be displaying these behaviours and many coping strategies to help minimise them.

We have a team of behaviour specialists who help individuals with autism and their families to understand the reasons behind these behaviours and to learn the ‘triggers’ which can give rise to them.  This enables us to put programmes in place to prevent or limit such behaviours in future.

The open sessions run by the Pearl Centre give parents the opportunity to access support regarding their children’s behaviours and to share experiences with other parents.