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Autism for Professionals

Our own specialists develop person-centred plans for each individual

We listen to service users and what they tell us influences our day-to-day support and our strategic planning. Out organisation is based on such person-centred approaches and on how we support families and our staffing teams.

Our behavioural and psychological teams allow us to develop and manage programmes of service delivery for each service user in a responsive and flexible way.  We work closely with each and every individual and their support team to ensure that they receive the best possible evidence-based care package.  This means each service user is able to recover from setbacks more quickly and maintain his or her own well-being more consistently.

We are always developing and refining our approach towards supporting people with autism.  We work with other professionals to develop our non-aversive, proactive positive behavioural support approaches.

Person-centred planning is:  “A way of discovering what people want, the support they need and how they can get it.  It is evidenced-based practice that assists people in leading an independent and inclusive life.  Person-centred planning is both an empowering philosophy and a set of tools for change, at an individual, a team and an organisational level.  It shifts power from professionals to people who use services. It is a way of asking what people want, the support they need and how they can get it.” (Personalisation through Person-Centred Planning, DOH 2010).




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