Autism Support Record
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Autism Support Record

Our Autism support record is a free resource that we have created for parents, carers and individuals on the spectrum.

This booklet will serve as a tool in keeping concise records about an individual’s development, pathway through diagnosis and provide some evidence based techniques and strategies. The booklet has four main sections. Personal information, my pathway to diagnosis, my diagnosis and strategies for living with Autism.

It enables individuals and families to record all important notable milestones, events, history, professional involvement, support plans and much more.

This booklet is free and can be used by anyone, it can be printed and written on or if you wish you can edit it digitally for ease of updating. We welcome any feedback about the Autism Support Record.

Please download the booklet via the link below.

NOTE: To fill in the document digitally you will need to download the PDF rather than viewing it in a web browser.

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