Spectrum’s “snow warriors” go above and beyond in bad weather

March 7th, 2018

More incredible stories of dedication have emerged with the melting of last week’s snow, with staff at autism charity Spectrum being dubbed “snow warriors”.

The weather conditions would have crippled many organisations but Penryn-based Spectrum, which runs residential care homes for adults and children, saw countless examples of staff going above and beyond to keep service users safe and well.

Some walked several miles to work in the snow and ice, others came to work from annual leave, off-duty staff walked to the nearest home to offer help and several stayed at work for three consecutive days.

Spectrum managers Mark Beniston, Vincent Barton and Dean Jennison took to the roads in 4x4s, each driving more than 140 miles in the snow to deliver staff, grit, heaters, washing, food and other essentials to the homes.

Chief executive Mary Simpson said the selflessness and commitment shown by team members was to be admired.


“Time and again I’m hearing stories of Spectrum staff going out of their way to make sure those who needed our support, had it,” she said. “They may say they were just doing their jobs, but to those service users who needed them, their efforts were heroic.

“I am extremely proud to be part of such a special and caring organisation and I can’t thank our teams enough.”

Some of the good examples include:

  • Hannah Thomas, Hollie Robinson and Susie Goodman who all stayed at work for three days without a break to keep the service safe
  • Tom Martin, who was on annual leave but walked into work anyway
  • Faye Monaghan and David Knowles, who stayed at work for two days without a break to ensure the service was safe and had support
  • Paul Williams, who stayed at work for two nights
  • Isabella Turzynska, who stayed at work overnight to ensure she could work her shift the following day
  • Charla Walker, who did two 14 hour shifts and stayed overnight to ensure she was at work the next day
  • Katherine Badger, who came in on her days off
  • Marilyn Hancock, who walked miles to get to her night shift
  • Sharon Powell, who stayed at work well beyond her shift to ensure the unit had staff

Marianne Bannister, who walked to work bringing food for the service users as she was worried the shopping may not have been delivered