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Adult services

Our adult services have grown and developed over 30 years. Throughout this time, Spectrum has gained great experience and expertise in addressing the changing needs and behaviours of people with autistic spectrum disorders. We are quick to respond to new research and understanding about the condition, and we are able to evolve our service delivery accordingly.

We work alongside people with autistic spectrum disorders to understand what their goals and aspirations are and what they like doing. We engage them in meaningful activities and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. We support them to attend college and work placements and to become valued members of society.

We have fully trained staff teams who receive autism-specific training in order to understand and manage the effects of autism (with or without a learning disability) and the associated challenging behaviours.   We have a team of behavioural experts helping with advice and support when needed. By supporting each individual with a specialist team we ensure that each service we provide is personal and successful.

Working alongside our children and young people’s services, we provide a smooth transition through to adult services.