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Spectrum’s Pearl Centre

Situated in the centre of Truro, Spectrum's Pearl Centre is a place for people with autism and their families to get information and advice on autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs) and associated conditions.

We know that individuals with autism and their families benefit from face-to-face support from people who have knowledge of autism and who can offer advice on how to access further sources of help and support. The Pearl Centre acts as an information and resource hub to families, individuals, carers, organisations and statutory authorities.

People come to Spectrum’s Pearl Centre to enquire about:

  • Diagnosis – how and where it can be obtained
  • Help with school attendance
  • Transition to adulthood
  • Work opportunities
  • Support and activity groups
  • Accessing care and respite

We put people in touch with whatever is available to help make their lives easier.

We provide monthly open sessions which provide an opportunity for interested people to put their questions to our clinical psychologist and a behavioural expert. It’s a great opportunity to put the professionals in the hot seat, ask question relevant to your situation or learn more about Autism. – http://www.spectrumasd.org/open-sessions/ 

Rooms are available at the Pearl Centre for the use of people with autism and their families. There is a computer suite and a restful family room where parents can focus on their children’s needs. Professionals and groups can have use of the larger of two meeting rooms, and the smaller meeting room can be used for consultations. These facilities are offered free of charge.

The Pearl Centre is registered as a ‘Safe Place’ under a scheme run by Cornwall Council. As such, the centre provides a refuge for people with mental disabilities who encounter abuse, bullying or harassment in the immediate vicinity. We will help them to contact the police and their family or carers.

Finding the Pearl Centre.

Please click the links below to view a pictorial guide on the Pearl Centre’s location as well as a Google Map, including local car parks.