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Our Alternative to college


Here in Spectrum, we pride ourselves on being specialists in our field. We offer only the highest standards in apprenticeships and diploma courses, which are delivered through blended learning approaches. We ensure that we cater for all learning styles, and understand that it is not always possible to attend classes, therefore options for distance learning are available.

If you decide to take up an apprenticeship, we can offer placements in many of our establishments throughout Cornwall, alternatively, you can use your own workplace as long as we deem it suitable.

As well  as delivering care-related courses, we also offer vocational study and specialist tutoring designed for individuals with ASD’s and other special educational needs. To receive a prospectus for this, please contact: training@spectrumasd.org.

Courses offered:

Health and social care diploma (Adults) – Level 2 & 3
A Diploma in Health and Social Care is flexible to suit all fields of health and social care. Learners can select a pathway that suits their role – for example, working in a clinical environment, working with people with a learning disability, or people with dementia, or within end of life care.

Residential childcare—Level 3
The Level 3 Diploma for Residential Childcare (England) is specifically designed for learners wanting to work in residential care with children in a care role.

Children’s and young person’s workforce—Level 2, 3 and 5
These qualifications are designed for learners who want to  develop a career as a childminder, youth worker, nursery nurse or nursery manager.

Supporting individuals with learning disabilities—Level 2 & 3
These qualifications will help you to develop the knowledge and skills you need to support individuals with a learning disability.

Supporting Children and young people’s speech, language and communication—Level 3
This qualification will help you to recognise the pattern of typical and non-typical communication development in children and young people, and this will enable you to support successful communication development of all children.

Leadership and management in Health and social care – Adults or Children’s—Level 5
he Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services is a qualification designed to give learners the opportunity to build both managerial and care skills.
It fulfils the regulatory requirement for those looking to become managers of children’s homes or adults residential and domiciliary services.

Level 3 Education and training
This qualification is for candidates who work, or want to work as teachers/trainers in the Further Education and Skills sector.

Level 5 Teaching Disabled learners
This stand alone award is designed for those who work, or wish to work with learners with special educational needs.

Functional Skills
Most diplomas and apprenticeships require a level of functional skills, though we also offer these courses independently:

ICT – Level 1 & 2
English – Level 1 & 2
Maths – Level 1 & 2

Level 3 Assessing Competency in the workplace
This award has become popular with those wishing to assess for the care certificate, and other forms of workplace competency.

Level 3 Assessing vocationally related achievement

This award has become popular with those wishing to assess for the care certificate, and other forms of workplace competency.
Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance
These qualifications are open to people carrying out assessments and quality assurance in most learning environments including FE, Adult Continuing Learning, Employers and Third Sector. They are designed for anyone assessing and carrying out quality assurance in all occupational sectors, accredited learning, non-accredited learning (e.g. where performance is being assessed by the learner is not undertaking a qualification) and qualifications on the National Qualification Framework (NQF).