Care Friends

Spectrum knows that in order to provide outstanding care and support, we must recruit outstanding individuals to join our teams. But finding the right kind of people can be tricky. With that in mind, we have recently launched ‘Care Friends’ across the organisation. Care Friends is an employee referral scheme for the social care sector that works on the basis that caring people know caring people. No-one knows Spectrum’s values and ethos better than the people that already work for us.

Employee referrals have been shown to be the best source of quality team members, and that team members recruited in this way are much more likely to stay. Care Friends engages employees in the recruitment process by rewarding them with points for sharing current vacancies to genuine people that may be interested in joining Spectrum. As a prospective candidate successfully makes their way through their recruitment, training and employment journey, their original referrer is awarded with further points at each stage. We are also able to award additional bonus points to employees. These points are accrued and can be cashed in, and the App ‘Leader board’ encourages some friendly competition amongst teams.

Within the first 48 hours of Spectrum’s Care Friends launch we had over 100 team members signed up, and over 30 expressions of interest. Care Friends is undoubtedly going to be a game-changer in supporting us to recruit outstanding individuals to join our teams.

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