We are currently fundraising for a number of projects aimed at improving the lives of adults and children with autism.

From sensory equipment to footballs, from days out to short holidays, from gardening tools to recreational activities – there are so many items and activities for which additional funding is needed. Some of the items have to be specially made or adapted, like garden swings for adults, so the costs may be higher than one might expect. It is part of our duty of care to ensure that service users engage in meaningful community activities. These activities are much enjoyed and make a significant difference in the lives of people with autism. Your kind donations can help ensure that all of the above can continue to be available to those who need them.

Local groups, clubs, town and parish councils, commercial enterprises and enthusiastic individuals have all raised money on our behalf which has helped considerably towards benefiting our service users. Such generosity is gratefully appreciated and is indicative of a growing acceptance of people with autism as valued members of the community. So much of what we take for granted is of huge benefit to people with autism but is not always easy for them to access or for us to provide. Help us to put that right.Here are some ideas of how any money you raise for Spectrum will have a positive impact on the life of someone with autism.

  • £10 – sports equipment, which helps improve motor and social skills
  • £25 – a day out to improve social skills and community engagement
  • £50 – art, music or therapy sessions to promote wellbeing
  • £100 – a day at an outdoor activity centre to improve motor skills, self-esteem and confidence
  • £500 – the decoration of a bedroom to make it more personal and homelike
  • £1000 – a holiday to broaden experience of life elsewhere