Spectrum Art Award

Reflecting the creativity, diversity and excellence of autistic artists.

In creating the Spectrum Art Award our goal is to increase awareness of the relationship between excellent art and autism. The unique element to this award is the ongoing curatorial, advocacy and mentorship for the finalists. By offering continued professional support for artists with autism, we hope they will in turn become ambassadors for artists who might struggle with established art world structures.

The aim is to provide both a platform and a professional network for these remarkable artists, enabling them to generate opportunities that might otherwise be closed or difficult to access. Being an autistic person creates challenges but also a unique perspective on the world and The Spectrum Art Award will initiate an ongoing legacy to articulate and define their own life experiences.

The Art Award seeks to provide ongoing mentorship for the finalists ensuring each individual is partnered with an influential mentor matched to their specific style. The mentor will help them to understand how they can contribute to contemporary practice, whilst nurturing and developing their work. The mentor will also help identify future exhibitions and gallery spaces, and how to promote themselves in the art world.

The Spectrum Art Award is a unique platform for artists to raise awareness of individuals with autism and how this impacts upon their lives. It advocates for artists with autism to have their work exhibited at the same level as any other artist without barriers or prejudice. It is also to encourage and empower autistic artists to have their voices heard as we believe that the best advocates for autistic people are people with autism themselves.

Visit the Spectrum Art Award website for more information.